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    Feature Clean your grout lines 2 to 4 times faster. Package of 1 with 4 long lasting durable brush heads. For all tiles sizes up to 13 inches. Add Brush Heads for smaller tile and faster cleaning! As seen on ABC's THE VIEW: Whoopi's Favorite Things. Engineered for home and industrial cleaning and used by industry professionals since 2012.

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    Professional janitorial service workers and homeowners have a new tool in their arsenal: The Grout Gator. The unique, patent pending cleaning invention has movable brushes, placed to meet various tile widths, to clean more than one grout line at a time. The beveled brushes are designed to deep clean the tightest of grout lines.

    The ergonomically designed handle is made of recyclable polypropylene, which is stain resistant, light weight and floats (helpful when cleaning pool tile).

    The brushes slide to accommodate different tile widths from 1 to 13 inches and up to 24 inches with the Pro Extended Grout Gator, and are secured with an easy-to-use, finger-sized plastic screw heads- no screwdriver needed. When coupled with its sturdy pole, the Grout Gator eliminates the need to kneel on rough surfaces and works with all cleaning liquids.

    "I am the person in our household tasked with cleaning our tile," said James Hill, inventor. "I thought 'there has to be a better way!' Instead of cleaning one grout line at a time with a small brush, now grout can be tackled two to six lines at a time, saving time and effort."

    In production for less than two years, Grout Gator has developed a loyal following. According to Hill, before Grout Gator was introduced, homeowners and cleaning professionals were spending too much time on the tedious task of tile grout cleaning and he has letters showing appreciation for his simple idea.

    "Sometimes the simplest idea is the best solution,"  Hill said. "We have received a number of awards, compliments from customers, and were recently featured on The View by Whoopi Goldberg in 'Whoopi's Favorite Things' segment."

    Grout Gator has a one year unconditional money back guarantee.

    Grout Gator is a product of Gator Cleaning Products, LLC, located in Eugene Oregon. Recipient of the 2014 Sanitary Maintenance Magazine's Distributor Choice Award. Recipient of 2014 International Housewares Association's Top 5 Finalist Award in the Best New Cleaning Product category. Featured on the television show The View (Sept 2014) as one of "Whoopie's Favorite Things" segment.


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